In this case a teeny, tiny seed.  As you know, the cost of everything is going up.  And not just in money.  Our health is at risk, as I read more and learn more about what type of processes our food goes through to make it from a farm or in most cases a processing plant to the grocery store, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that this is NOT what I want to feed my family.  Case in point, just recently in the news was an article about a meat packing plant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it appears that the plant was dumping pig blood and waste into the nearby Trinity River...

Yes that is blood...running right into the city's sanitary sewer system.
While the company states that there was a clog in the drain line, my thought is clog or no clog it still seems highly WRONG for that type of material to be put into our river systems at all...period...the end.  If this is how they treat our ecosystem and our water sources, how do they treat the animals and the meat that they are packaging there at the plant.  How sanitary is it really? And this is just one plant out of thousands.  No thank you, I'd rather KNOW for sure where my meat is coming from, and my produce for that matter.  There is a reason that things like veggie washes exist and guidelines on how to properly clean all of the pesticides and bacteria off of your produce.  Again, no thank you.  I understand that I have done this for years, eaten package meats and purchased produce with no thought whatsoever as to where it really was coming from, but that has changed a great deal as prices have gone up and news about e.coli outbreaks have risen and talk of test tube hamburgers have made the news!  Now when I buy things I really stop and think about what it is that I am getting and what it took for it to get to me.  So that brings me to 2 we are buying a cow.  Well, let me rephrase that, we bought 1/3 of a steer.  We are having it processed locally through a new meat market in our neighborhood.  If you haven't heard about the Kingwood Meat Market, you really need to check them out!  Locally owned, they cut their steaks there and the meat is all very fresh, as in VERY fresh.  We had steaks last night and they were wonderful and their pre-seaosoned fajita meat is absolutely the best!  In addition, I have signed into a co-op and may try out a few more.  Fresh fruit and veggies delivered weekly to my front door, as I write this I just got my first shipment from The Root, it all looks wonderful and I'm ready to cook!  But, the most exciting thing for me right now is this...
This is how it's really getting started.  Say hello to my little friend...broccoli.  I started seedlings about a month ago, I planted them in little cups in a warm, sunny spot in my kitchen.  In all I had 4 cups with seedlings of broccoli, 3 cups for bell peppers, 3 cups for jalapenos, 4 cups for eggplant, 4 for cucumbers and 7 with heirloom Russian tomatoes and an added bonus of black sea man (insert joke here).  In addition, this weekend I went out and bought squash, zucchini, more tomato varieties, more cucumbers, and planted seeds for beets, patty pan squash, kohlrabi, carrots, onions, purple potatoes, green beans and black eyed peas.  Now, let me answer a question I'm sure some of you I have NEVER done this before.  I have planted small gardens with tomatoes and herbs and the occasional jalapeno plant.  This is a first and I am so excited!
We started by clearing a spot in the yard, in this case, it was back in a secluded area near our pool pump, away from the dangerous paws of labs...
It is very important that you have your sous chef with you, Kelsey is a good, hard worker!!! :)  We were actually in luck, this ground was great to work with, the soil wasn't hard and packed like it sometimes is here in Texas...all the rain has probably contributed to that as well!
This cool, medieval looking thing is called a Garden Weasel...get one before building your garden! It is great at tilling the ground up!
Now if you have a manly man around that can help, it would be a good idea to use him! This is where the boxes are built and placed in their spots.
Our boxes are 5x5' and 10" high.
We laid 1 yard split equally between the 2 beds first.
and finished it up with 1.5 more yards of good quality garden soil mix. Please do not judge my husband on his attire....please.
For deep rooted vegetables, like onions, carrots, beans...I used 5 gallon container buckets. Make sure to drill holes in the bottom and drop a few rocks (thanks dad!) in for proper drainage.
And then it was time for food.  And sleep.  I was anxious to get my plants in the ground but also anxious to get my butt on the couch!  The garden could wait till tomorrow, and besides, then I would have the help of my trusty, plant loving, dirty girl, friend, Heather to assist me!  We worked most of the day, transplanting everyone to their new home...and encouraging them to grow big and strong.  I think it might be important to talk to your plants...but who knows!  :) 
So there you have it!  My garden is growing and I hope that I have many wonderful blog posts with recipes using my yummy earth grown, totally organic and raw veggies!  And be on the look out, I will be posting a new recipe in the next day or so! 


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